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Can not import user downloaded lighting profiles (CUE2 + K70 RGB)

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Hi, so I'm running FW 2.04 for my Sabre and FW 2.05 which according to CUE is the latest FW. CUE2 itself is version 2.11.115


I'm having trouble downloading/imported user created lighting profiles. Whenever I clicked on 'Download Custom Profiles', it would show me a list of lighting profiles for my K70, I would select the static rainbow profile, and it would show up on the keyboard graphic and in fact my keyboard itself would light up in that profile, but whenever I downloaded it and selected it, the profile would be there in CUE2 but all the lights would be off and there would be no lighting assignments in my K70 under that profile at all. Can anyone help me?


Also, is there any way to save the lighting preset rather than a whole new profile? I basically just want to apply the static lighting to all of my gaming profiles but from what I remember last time trying to do something like that it proved difficult to do with other profiles and just forced me have the lighting under a whole new profile itself. I really love the K70 RGB and the Sabre but unfortunately the software is really letting the hardware down and I'm tempted to buy a new mouse instead.


Edit: It would seem that after updating CUE2 to 2.11.115, there is no longer even an option to download custom profiles now. Am I missing something here?

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are you not seeing the option in the dropdown menu? make sure you are in advance mode.


And no you can not save a lighting preset each profile has its own lighting setup.


Hi, unfortunately even in Advanced mode, the Download Custom profiles icon is no longer there, only the option to import/export files from my computer, which even when I use that to import downloaded profiles from this forum, they do not work despite being CUE2 compatible.


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Same issue and I am also using a Corsair K70 RGB on Windows 7.


I just updated CUE today, and after exporting all my profiles before the update, the import function simply doesn't do anything.


You browse for the profile, hit import and nothing happens.


EDIT: It gets even better! This great piece of software exported 0kb empty files! Thanks for making me lose all my profiles.

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I can also confirm that I don't have the sharing icon there, like on Hutchie91 screenshot ;(



I'm editing my post because I've found out something peculiar!

I've logged in to my computer's different account that I use now... On different Windows account I've noticed that CUE has the SHARING BUTTON! I can see it there... On this Windows account it is gone ;( WTF\

btw. Windows 10, K65, CUE 2.12.66



A person who I talked yesterday to had 2.11 CUE version and updated it yesterday to 2.12... the button is there.


This is really, really strange.

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Do you have a link to the profile you are trying to import?


Krazykid League of Legends Profile Collection



& Wanting too try The League Switcher CUE 2.11+



Doesn't work for me at all. the import button does nothing, i even tried KrazyKid's mass importer aswell.


CUE 2.12.66 - K95 (RGB)

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