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K70 media keys essentially going on sleep mode

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For the last week or so my media keys are on what feels like sleep mode. I have to spam press 3 or 4 at once a few times before they become functional again. If I don't use them for an hour or two I have to do the same thing again. Is this a know issue?
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Tried plugging it into my laptop, same issue (mute + media keys not functioning). Is there a program I can use to check if the key is being recognized as pressed at all, rather than just not functioning properly? Seems a bit odd that all 5 go out at once.


All the keyboard testing programs online that I've seen don't include the media keys (for obvious reasons). Is there a custom corsair one?

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There are free USB protocol analyzers. YMMV. Universal Serial Bus (USB) HID [Human Interface Devices] Usage Tables Version 1.12 of 28 October 2004 documents the media keys, so I don't expect this to be some custom Corsair communication; I would expect the keyboard would send the standard signals so that your computer system would know how to handle it even if CUE were not running.
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