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Memory Woes


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I had purchased a pair of 256MB ValueSelect ram months ago for my multimedia PC

Now it isn't working and I narrowed the problem down to the ram.

The PC will no longer POST with either module installed.

I reset the BIOS, tried booting with just one stick of memory in (did this with both sticks) Tested them in my primary system and experienced the same issues.

I put my primary memory in the multimedia PC and it posted without problem, while it was able to post with my primary memory installed I took the opportunity to go into the BIOS set Frequency to speed CAS latency to 3 installed the ValueSelect memory like i had when i built the computer

Still wont POST

What should I do


System Specs are as follows

AMD 2500+XP

Windows XP

ATI 9800AllInWonder

Shuttle Nforce2 Ultra

2x80Gig 7200rpm 8Mb Cache WD

Enermax 350W PSU

Generic CD/DVD Rom

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