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Hi All,

I was wondering if someone with a K40 could confirm or test something for me.


I have been asked to source a keyboard for an office environment that will allow users to automate some multiple key commands into a single key press to reduce hand strain of performing these actions all day.


From the promotional material it looks like the K40 will be the most cost effective keyboard to get these Features but I wanted to confirm before ordering them that they will indeed meet our requirements.


They Keyboard needs to:


(1)Have a row of programmable macro buttons.


(2)Macro programming must be stored on the keyboard and played back from hardware as to be portable between computers with no need for software to be running on the host system.


(3)Macros should be programmable directly from the keyboard but if we have to set up software on a single workstation to program the macros and then deliver the programmed keyboards to users that will also be acceptable as long as the macros don't rely on the software to function.


(4)Be able to marco common Windows shortcuts e.g. Ctrl + C , Ctrl + V, Ctrl + X , Ctrl + S and have them work properly in Windows as well as 3rd party software.


I wouldn't think this was an issue but was reading the following and it got me wondering:

"There will be some limitations to Hardware Playback due to how it interfaces with the OS. Anything you have binded that launches applications or does an OS command will not work, for example, due to the OS not allowing an external component to execute it. However, macros and key stroke bindings will continue to work so you can use them for the games you enjoy."




(5) Promo material says the K40 needs a 500+ mA high power USB 2.0 port. Will the K40 work with a standard 500mA usb 2.0 port if LED backlight is not used or will we need a powered Hub or USB 3 port (900mA) regardless?


As these will be used with office PC and Thin clients they may not have USB 3 support until they are up for refresh.


Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

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I don't have the K40, But if i recall correctly, the tech is similar to the legacy K90.


1. G1-G6 will be programmable.


2. If i recall correctly, the macros will be saved to the keyboard and can run without software.


3. Programming the keys will require the software (MR button needs it) and cannot be done on the keyboard itself.


4. This should be possible with MR within the software.


The quote is correct, keys assigned to launch a program will not work as when in hardware playback/ no software, the actions are 'played' from the keyboard.


5. A USB 2.0 port should be fine.



As usual, since most of this is information is based off a legacy K90, I would recommend you contact Corsair directly to confirm your answers and for them to answer any further questions you may have.


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