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absolute mouse position won't accept negative values


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I am running CUE v.2.11.115 on Windows 7 (with security patch). I am trying to use mouse move to position with absolute coordinates. However it will not accept negative values. I have 4 monitors and the two on top are negative Y. Is there a work around? Thanks.
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Yes, the image translator uses the absolute value of the coordinates. I hadn't realized nvidia extended into e-space.


The Virtual Screen

The bounding rectangle of all the monitors is the virtual screen. The desktop covers the virtual screen instead of a single monitor. The following illustration shows a possible arrangement of three monitors.


The primary monitor contains the origin (0,0). This is for compatibility with existing applications that expect a monitor with an origin. However, the primary monitor does not have to be in the upper left of the virtual screen. In Figure 1, it is near the center. When the primary monitor is not in the upper left of the virtual screen, parts of the virtual screen have negative coordinates.
Because the arrangement of monitors is set by the user, all applications should be designed to work with negative coordinates.
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