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Corsair Link/Commander Cable Question


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I am a current customer and own the H100i v2 AIO water cooler, RM850i power supply, and 6x SP120 fans.


I'm considering buying the Commander Mini unit to control an RGB light strip(s), the fans, etc.


My understanding is that the Commander Mini will plug into the motherboard's USB header, and that everything else should essentially plug into the commander mini for control.


The RM850i comes with the cable to attach to the commander mini, but the H100i v2 does not. The H100i v2 comes with a mini USB to internal USB header cable, so how then am I to connect the H100i v2 to the commander mini unit? It looks like the commander mini might come with a cable based on the package contents stating so, but I want to be sure the commander mini comes with a mini usb to commander mini digital link cable.


Also, I need to know if I can purchase this cable separately, because I am also considering a 2nd AIO water cooler unit for my GPU, and that would need a cable for that as well.


Can anyone with experience with these products confirm that the Commander mini comes with the appropriate cable, and where I can get a 2nd one in case I buy a 2nd AIO water cooler solution for my GPU?


Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can't connect the Asetek H100iV2, H115i, H80iV2 or CoolIT H110i via a CL Mini. This is only possible with the older CoolIT H100i or H80i.
  2. The Crystal 460x case fan controller module also can't be connected to the CL Mini. You connect the case fans directly to the CL Mini.
  3. You can connect the RM850i via the CL Mini.
  4. See http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=759585 if you don't have enough motherboard USB 2.0 headers.

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