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Switched to an 460X RGB case, now PC won't go into sleep mode automatically


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Not sure if this is the best place to put this..but since it revolves around my case, I'll put it here.




Windows 10. I switched from a Corsair 200R case to a fancy new Corsair Crystal 460X RGB. Everything is all fine and dandy, except now it's not going into sleep from idle.


-It will go to sleep if I initiate it manually

-The display DOES turn off, but fans keep going, and LEDs on the fans stay on.

-I now have 5 case fans total. Note that there are 3 RGB front fans (intake) which are plugged into an LED hub which is then connected to a 3 button controller to change RGB modes. The fans still need to be plugged into the motherboard for power. For these 3 RGB intake fans, they are all plugged into the same fan header on the motherboard. I bought a 1-to-3 fan splitter so I could fit all the fans on the motherboard, because my case only has 3 chassis fan headers..

-Note that I also have one exhaust fan, and another at the top of the case, but those are not plugged into the LED hub because they only display one color. They are each plugged directly into the motherboard.


I wanted to note all of the above because those are all the newest changes after switching to a new case.


What I've tried (haven't had much of a chance, found this out this morning before I left for work):


-Restore all Power Options to Default for Balanced plan

-Turning "Wake computer up" off for both keyboard and mouse

-Disabling Hybrid Sleep and Wake Timers

-Tried different sleep times (1 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes)


I'm confident I screwed something up when installing all this, but I don't know what since everything else works just fine.


I haven't had a chance to try anything else. Does anyone here have any idea what is causing this? What should be the first thing I should try when I get back home? This build never had an issue going to sleep on its own in my first case. Thank you so much in advance for any theories.

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