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Unwanted double letters repetition while typing


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Hi there,

Me and my boyfriend bought two K65 Lux RGB keyboard on December.

We usually use them to play, but sometimes we need them to write and for normal use too.


The problem is we both cannot type normally because many and many times we press a key, we get 2 or 3 times the letter repeated, instead of one time only, like if we keep the key pressed over time, even if we press all the keys with the same delay. For my boyfriend there is not a particular key with this problem, quite everyone got it and is impossible to discover which ones are affected. For me I get quite always the problem typing the E or R or T keys, so maybe it's a restricted problem to those ones. I tried to clean them up and nothing too.

Even now I'm writing here, I must follow look what appear on the monitor, and go back and change the mistaken letters.

We tought it was our fault, and we should get in touch with the mechanical keyboard, but after so many months we still cannot see any improvement.

We got 2 different OS, I got 8 and he got 7. We tried to change them but that doesn't work, we tried to switch our keyboard and nothing, to change the polling on the keyboard's back and the corsair engine program and nothing again. Than we tried to change the key repetition speed on the windows utility and the problem still persist, and we even changed the USB ports from normal ones and 3.0 ones, without any improvement.

The first time my boyfriend plugged in the keyboard he got a blue screen, and his pc restarted. I never got problems like this one, but only that really noisy problem typing.


Any solutions? Is that an already known problem or not?


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