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BSOD Experts please help.........


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Greetings all,


Hopefully the technical experts in our community may be able to help with a

problem I have been having for quite some time.

Problem:- PC Blue Screens intermittently, but there is a pattern.

The BSOD is usually the "IRQ not less than or Equal" type but sometimes just

plain blue and only occur when playing games (no game in particular either),

NEVER during any other applications or desktop works. The other fact that I

have determined about the BSOD's are that they NEVER occur during actual

playing of the game, they ALWAYS occur when you are either exiting out of

the game through the game menus, OR going through the game menus to start a



I have rebuilt a number of times with various BIOS configurations and

Windows configurations and of course have the system stock (not overclocked)

and the BIOS settings including RAM timings set to SPD default to try and

determine the root cause of the crashes.


Here are my system specs :-


Main Hardware:-

Intel P4 3.0ghz Northwood CPU

Asus P4C800E-deluxe (Intel 875P chipset)

Corsair PC3200 LL 2x512 matched modules

Audigy 2 ZS PCI sound card (Creative EAX4.0 drivers)

Gigabyte X800 XT PE platinum with Arctic Cooler HSF (Catalyst v4.12 drivers)

Thermaltake 1000 Xaser (7 cooling fans)

Antec 550watt Tru PSU



Windows XP Pro Corp / Service Pack 2 / DirectX 9.0C

Intel motherboard chipset drivers: v6.2.1.1001

Audigy2 ZS EAX 4.0 drivers from Creative

Catalyst official ATi drivers v4.12



Plug & Play OS = yes

Hyperthreading = yes

CPU vcore = 1.55v

DIMM voltage = 2.75v

AGP = 1.7v


Please let me know if you have any suggestions or solutions asap.



IceDOG (aka Gary)

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  • Corsair Employees

I would suggest you remove the sound card and test the system, but you will need to un-install the driver before you remove the card.

If that solves the problem, then please make sure that you do not have it in a slot that is sharing the same IRQ as Video or IDE/Raid.

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