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3D Rendering, Heat and Noisy Fans

Travel Matt

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Yes, I am still a little troubled by the coolant temp behavior. I think your base level is also higher, suggesting a physical or environmental issue, rather than the load. You mentioning blowing the dust off and that is a common culprit in reducing the radiator's ability shed heat, but it is not like it needs to be surgically clean and most people completely ignore it and still don't have serious issues. Other types of things that could affect it would be a dust filter on top restricting the air flow, a change of objects around the case (like tucking it in a corner or under a desk), or a re-working of all your fan placements (which I think we can rule out). I have been assuming you have the 750D set up in the tradition fashion of front intake, top (cooler) and rear exhaust. If you are set up differently, let me know.


Obviously the fans are uncomfortable at maximum (and below as well). The default curves all have ~40C as the 100% point. There is nothing magical about that number and it is based on a theoretical 17-20C rise from standard room temperature. If you are starting off at 34-35C at idle, then it doesn't take much more than a YouTube video and a couple browser tabs to get you to 40C. Normally, I would advise relaxing the fans curves as the added fan speed doesn't always help at the highest ranges. However, your coolant temp is clearly rising quite a bit and your actual core temps are getting close to 80C, which is where I draw the caution line for 5960X. I am hoping the TIM replacement will bring the cores temps down and allow some wiggle room on the fans.

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Yes the fan configuration is as you say.....the case is in a well ventilated area and hasnt changed from before the heating issue started.


I blow the dust out of the grills with compressed air every 6 weeks or so (I do notice that this can cause temp rises if dust accumulates for too long) but recently this hasnt made a difference and the temp rises have happened regardless.


Generally speaking the temp is good when in apps like Photoshop and virtuall all apps and the only real culprit is rendering, live preview renders or when I encode video files.


I'll look into the thermal paste issue and see if that helps.


Thanks again!

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