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Bad stick of PC-2700

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Got two 256 MB sticks of Corsair ram from Newegg in Feb of 2002. They served me well until recently. One of them has gone bad. When I tried to boot with it in my old computer, the stick literally caught fire, frying the motherboard! Thankfully the fire went out when I cut off the power, and I wasn't planning on using or selling the motherboard anyway.


Given that my machine now works fine having taken out that stick of RAM, and that the stick caught fire, I hope it's obvious that there's no possibility it could be any other component. I hope to be able to RMA as soon as possible and get a replacement, since one 256 MB stick isn't really enough for modern games.


Part number is CM64SD256-2700CX2H


Version number is 1.1


Lot number is 020423


Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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