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transition fron Cradient to Solid lighting


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hello everyone, i have been using a k95rgb since last year and its been a blast.

i just recently started working on the new CUE 2 , and i am having trouble making lighting work as i did with CUE 1 ,


what i am trying to do and for the love of god i cannot make it to work its this,


i want a series of keys to start lighting up with GRADIENT effect then keep the last colour for the rest of the session.


lets say i open the profile.

the keys from 1 to 0 start with a gradient effect , slowly going from blue to red.

what i wanna do is keep the lights at the red colour setting (solid colour) indefinately.

all i manage to do is either turn em off after they go red, or if i add a solid colour its just solid with the gradient effect on top.


with the old cue software i could settup timers. so after the gradient effect ends a solid effect was applied.

is it possible to do that with the new cue?


thank u all

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