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Minor water damage killed keys? Fix or buy a new one?


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Corsair STRAFE RGB Silent Keyboard.

Looks like a small bit of water I spilled made it into the top row and now ESC through F11 are lit via the LED, but unresponsive to input. :rolleyes:

I'm willing to pull the keyboard apart and buy replacement parts, but I'm unsure where to expect the failure: In the keys themselves or in one of the boards?


I can get $50 out of it as-is to a friend and could just buy a new one if the chances are low that I could diagnose and order replacement parts.

Suggestions on diagnosing? I was thinking I could move a known good switch to one that is bad unless there is a better idea.


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if you have the know how you might be able to fix it. But you wont know if its the switch or the board till you replace one of the keys.

Hey thanks for the reply. After pulling the board out and checking for any obvious problems I see I'd have to desolder 12 keys (plus one more to resolder and test with). This is doable, but I'd need to update some equipment and find the time; so a re-buy is in order I'm afraid.

Thanks again.

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