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Compatibility with other brand/settings of RAM


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Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 (800MHz FSB) w/3.0 GHz P4

Current RAM: 2 sticks of Giel :o: 512MB PC3200 (DIMM1 & DIMM3) The label on each stick says 2.5-6-3-3)


I've heard only praises about Corsair's quality and performance, and I want only the best. I would like to simply expand my RAM to 2GB adding your TwinX1024-3200C2 (maybe PRO) set.


Personally, I don't like messing with BIOS settings and all that internal stuff. I like to have it turn on and run without thinking. If I want to proceed with my purchase, will I have to make adjustments to anything in the BIOS?


I watched the Corsair Website's little video show on how RAM works, but I still don't fully understand the CAS/RAS stuff. I know the TwinX1024-3200C2 is 'set' for Will it work?





eprush - definite newbie

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Well you can always loosen the timings, but it mainly has to do with the ICs of the sticks.


That sounds technical. Imagine you're explaining to your old man how to program the VCR. ;): Either way, it sounds like the safe route for me is to just stick with the company I got the first stuff from. If the risk is the same with them, then I'll come back and take my chances with the Corsair stuff.


Thanks for your help.




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