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K95 Platinum vs K70 LUX RGB vs STRAFE RGB


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So, except additional keys, what K95 Platinum is better at than K70 LUX RGB? What is there about K95 worth paying extra? Does it have updated LED controller like K70 LUX?


What about STRAFE RGB keyboards? What are significant differences between them and K70 LUX RGB ones, except no separate media keys?

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There are many features that the K95 Platinum have that makes it worth the extra dollar, compared to the K70 LUX. Yes it does have an updated controller like the LUX


1. Hardware playback

2. Removable wrist rest, dual sided

3. 6 additional G keys

4. Channel for headphone cable routing underneath


As for the STRAFE, internally they are the same as the LUX keyboards with a few differences.


Plastic Chassis vs aluminun

Dedicated media keys

Different wrist rest

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The K95 Platinum has some nice features over the K70 LUX, however there is one big disadvantage for me at least. It is not available with EU keyboard layout.


I cannot understand that limitation. Now I am before buying a mechanical keyboard, and I aim at one with Cherry Brown sw. I could afford to buy the K95 Pt. but I prefer the EU layout. the ND or UK would be inconvenient for me. So, Corsair forces me to buy the K70 LUX. It's a pity.

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1. What is it? Could you explain more?


Hardware playback is the ability to save lighting/macro profiles into the keyboard's on-board memory and use it without the CUE software. If you're going to take the keyboard with you somewhere and use it on another computer, you can take your favorite RGB/macro profiles with you and not have to install CUE. The K95 platinum has enough memory to store up to 3 profiles.

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