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H100i v2 Tubes Rubbing [Advice Request]


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I've just installed an H100i v2 into a very space-restricted build. One of the tubes rests a little firmly on the edge of a heatsink on the board and during install I noticed that just the small amount of jostling in securing the block to the cpu mount, the outer material on the tube started to fray. I am assuming these are a rubber tube with the material layer acting as a cover? I don't know if this is more for protection, insulation, other or a combination.


I'm wondering the best way to go about addressing this. One thought is a bit of electrical tape or possibly a bit of heatshrink tube over the section as a barrier against that edge.


I'm open to suggestions or advice. Does an adhesive on the outer of the tubes cause any issue?


Apologies for lack of real pictures as I'm at work and didn't think to grab one, but I'll get one this evening if it will help. In the mean time, here's a look at the section of board where the tube runs.





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You have a few choices, you can rotate the tubing along the joints (they rotate in the radiator and the pump/block) to maneuver them a bit or you can turn the entire radiator around (so the joints are to the far right of the VRM heatsink) but then the Waterblock/Pump Corsair logo will be upside down... I actually have a spacious case a Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow (Full ATX Case) and I had to turn my Radiator around anyway because the hoses would be rubbing against the rear 140mm fan, and the placement of the AM4 socket on my MSI X370 Titanium motherboard would be too far to the right causing the tubing to be too strained for my comfort.


I decided to flip the radiator around and have the corsair logo upside down instead of having the tubing rub against the rear case fan whilst being overly strained making me worry about future leaks.


On the plus side, if the tubing at the radiator ever leaks it won't drip onto my Graphics Cards.

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I have a similar build with an Asus 270i in a 250D. The H100iv2 doesn't fit properly because the fans hit the edge of the motherboard. (shame on you Corsair!). I cut a piece of wire conduit in half and then wrapped that with electrical tape to keep the tubes from rubbing. Corsair shouldn't use this type of wrapping either, it's crap because it frays with the slightest rub.



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