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Sponsor for a website blog BUILD

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Wha'd up, I'm new here over at the forums


I have been a huge corsair fan since i built my first ever PC which consisted of an AMD Athlon x2, 1GB DDR and the good old fashioned Corsair Carbide 300R Mid-Tower case (Remember the memories).


Only just noticed that my username is restricted on the first bit for some reason.... anyone know why?


my main question is..


Is there a forum or a place on corsairs website to contact to see if it's possible to get a sponsor for a new Streaming/Video Editing desktop, so i can start making website based blog builds, in which you have on here already (Some of the Builds look great).


If anyone is kind enough to drop us a message to let me know who to contact or help.


PS. sorry if in the wrong catergory

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