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Problem with Corsair utility engine


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Hello all. Recently I've been having a lot of issues with the corsair utility engine software.

My keyboard is the corsair strafe RGB. I haven't had any problems when I bought the keyboard (few months ago) it only started appearing quite recently.


Basically whenever the software is on, it freezes my entire system whenever I play some games. Sometimes it happens when I alt tab, sometimes it happens straight away when I launch the game. It's weird because I've never seen anything like that happen before.. Whenever it freezes, the game still keeps going but I get an immediate lag spike, as if my internet was less than 1mb of speed, and I'm unable to turn on or off any applications/software.. Like say for example, when the freeze happens I'm unable to turn on google chrome, because it'll just keep on loading. Same thing when turning computer off. It will always have "logging off" on the screen and it'll never turn off unless I hold the power button for 5 seconds. Not even caps lock,num lock or scroll lock will work, whenever i click any of those buttons the light doesn't lit up



Honestly this is the weirdest glitch I've ever encountered. Anyone else experienced this ?

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