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CUE Surround problems


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Hey, i don't know if i'm in the right session for this. If not, sorry i'm kinda new here.


I got a VOID 7.1 Wireless sometime ago and i installed the CUE to have the best perfomance.


Everything was working perfectly, until today.


I played the new game Mass Effect Andromeda (which is know to have issues with CUE for some reason), so i uninstalled it to test the game.


the problem is, eventually i uninstalled the game (it was just 10 hours test), and i reinstalled the CUE, but now i'm having problems in getting that quality back. I can install the software normally, but it says that my sound is not working properly and i don't know whatelse to do to recover that quality i had.


sorry if it is a stupid question, im a newbie regarding drivers and stuff.




(Already installed the last version, repair and to update, nothing works)


thank you!

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