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Asus A8V Mem Timings Question


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Hello all


I am running the follwoing system:


Asus A8V Deluxe Rev 2.00 Mobo

Corsair Twinx 1024 XLPro PC3200



I have my Memory configuration set to Automatic within my BIOS, beliveing that this would correctly set the meory timings for me, but I find that, when running CPU-Z that my timings are messed up.


Instead of seeing 2-2-2-5 I see 2-3-2-5 See Here: CPU-Z screenshot


If I set the TRCD to 2 in my BIOS will this correct the problem?


also I currently have 2T Command set to Auto, should I disable this to enable 1T (can the memory handle it?).


Are there any other changes I need to make to get the best out of my meory WITHOUT overclocking?


If it helps the BIOS memory configurationscreen on my comp looks like this:


Memclock Mode [auto]

DRAM over 4G remapping [auto]

Bank interleaving [diabled]

node Interleaving [disabled]

Burst Length [8 beats]


CAS Latency [auto]

TRC [auto]

TRFC [auto]

TRCD [auto]

TWR [auto]

TRWT [auto]

TRAS [auto]

TRP [auto]

TWCL [auto]

Asynclat [auto]

Read Preamble Setting [auto]

2T command [auto]


I've never tweaked memory setting befopre, so the correct settings for this page page of the BIOS would be a great help.



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