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AX850 fails to turn on sometimes


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I've registered Corsair forums to ask about my AX850 strange behaviour, it all started about 2 years ago.


I'm not 100% sure it's faulty but:


- sometimes I can't power up my PC immediately, I have to press and hold the power button on my case for at least 30-60 seconds

- sometimes I can only power on my PC if I remove the mains from my PSU, wait at least 15 seconds, flip the power switch of my PSU on and off a few times then it starts up immediately without touching any button.

- sometimes it powers on immediately without issue


At first I thought it's my motherboard or my case's switch but I've replaced my motherboard a year ago and my new motherboard has an integrated power switch but it won't help, PC doesn't turn on sometimes, problem still persists.


Yesterday I tried the "paperclip test" for at least 30 minutes and sometimes the PSU fails, sometimes it turns on immediately. (30%-50% of the time)


What I've discovered during "paperclip testing" is when the PSU fails to start, sometimes it helps if I press the power button on my PSU without flipping it completely to "0", just flipping it only about 0.1-0.2 inch towards "0" and releasing it immediately, there's a cracking sound and it starts up.


I live in Hungary, I'm thinking about RMA and checked but the retailer have gone bankrupt and closed permanently years ago.


I have two questions:


1. Is my AX850 eligible for RMA? (The PSU fails the paperclip test 30%-50% of the time, not 100%.)


2. According to Corsair's RMA website I need a receipt or invoice as a proof of purchase for an RMA request but I've checked and all I've got from the Hungarian retailer is a "warranty card" (date of purchase, serial number, retailer's address, phone number, stamp and signature included).


Is a copy of my Hungarian "warranty card" sufficient for Corsair or I'm out of luck? And I don't have a credit card statement because I've paid in cash.


Apart from this issue I'm satisfied with my Corsair AX850 PSU.


Thank you!

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Guess a bunch of people have this problem without any solution. I have an AX650. Mine does the same thing (I never did the paper clip test... never bothered really).


I just flip the back switch on and off a couple times and it powers up the PC. Sometimes the power switch on the case works, sometimes i have to turn it on and off a couple times. After the PC boots up everything is Fine...


Mine is 5 years old, it stiill has 2 years in warranty. Next year I'm planning a system upgrade, so I'll prob get a new PSU. After the update I'll prob RMA it and see if I can get a solution.

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