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Corsair Void Wireless Sound Cutting Out


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I purchased the White RBG Void Wireless headset this past Christmas. I didn't have a problem with it for the first 2 months. Then out of nowhere the headset started having connection problems. The sound would start cutting out, then the headset would cut off, then reconnect back to my PC. I tried everything, re-paring my headset, updating firmware, multiple times. So I put in a ticket, and they helped me out to get a new headset. After the 3 WEEKS it took to return my headset, I get it back and have the same problem a day after I have it. I've got 6 USB ports in the front of my PC where the power button is and everything, and I've tried all of them. I've done everything again with this headset from re-paring, updating firmware, uninstalling/re-installing CUE 3 times. I'm getting very frustrated with this. The support I got was great when I sent in my ticket, so I'm not mad with the people, but the product. After paying $100 for a headset you'd think and expect it to work properly. This is the first corsair product I've had to give me this much trouble. I'm disappointed in this product and I would not suggest it to anyone. Although the quality of the headset is really good, it sounds great, but what's the point in that if it cuts out every 30 seconds. I'm wondering if anyone has fixed this problem or had this same issue. This isn't a huge problem, but I haven't been able to play the games I wish to play because the team chat would cut out and I'm not able to understand what my team is saying, I know that sounds like a stupid problem to have but it is very frustrating. Any help on this matter would be great. I really hope I don't have to ship this one back because I'd like to be able to use it how it was intended to be used, to play video games, and having to wait another 3-4 weeks would suck. But any help is appreciated.
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