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Scimitar Pro RGB Cue 2 issues


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Okay so I bought the Scimitar Pro RGB its design screamed at me to buy it. I was excited to use it for my first MOBA/MMO mouse ever. Unpacked it, plugged it in worked just fine. Looked so awesome with the colors and stuff, went to corsair to download the program used for altering the Color schemes and dpi setting and ultimately the macro buttons. I installed CUE 2 and got the "Macro execution not working properly. Please repair the Corsair Utility Engine" error. I thought okay maybe this is a known issue, turns out that is correct. It is in fact a known issue. Sent a ticket into corsair they recommended reverting back to version 1.16.42. So I uninstalled the Cue 2 and installed the older version. Version 1.16.42 doesn't even recognize my Scimitar Pro RGB as a device. So RIP on that idea. Then I was like "Hey maybe its faulty hardware." Took the old one back to Best Buy and switched it out with a different one, rinse repeat, so on and so forth. Same results. So I then was thinking... maybe my computer is the issue. So I hooked it up to a different computer (AKA big bros computer) and installed the latest version of Cue 2, he did not get the well known "Macro execution is not blah blah blah" Tested out the macro buttons on his computer, everything works completely fine. My question is, what would be conflicting with this device to not allow it to use its macro buttons on my computer? Any thoughts or ideas on how to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated!


Side note: I have the razer blackwidow chroma keyboard and it has macro keys on it, they work fine. Don't know if that's helpful information or not.

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