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Up Arrow key mapped to random keystrokes


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Hi everyone,


Brand new Strafe RGB keyboard is fantastic but I noticed some strange behavior with my 'up arrow' key when browsing chrome. It's obviously supposed to just scroll up the page but pressing the up arrow ends up opening chrome settings, opens clear browsing settings, and zooms in.


I dug into it by using the recording feature under actions > macros and this is what i get from pressing the up arrow key once. (see attached screenshot)


It seems like pressing the up arrow key executes a crap load of different events (43 in total) in succession. Any idea on how to fix this?




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Try a firmware force flash in CUE and see if that helps. If not, It is possible the keyboard may have a fault.


You can try the keyboard on another computer as well and entering BIOS mode.

To enter/exit BIOS mode;

Press F1 followed by the Windows Lock key.

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