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Ax1200i shut off. Red light.


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So this started happening this week. Turned my PC on Monday afternoon, walked to the fridge to grab a drink, and when I returned expecting the log on screen it was shut down with a red light on the PSU and would not turn on.


While leaving the power supply in the case I unplugged all the cables from it and attempted the self test. Red light again.


Next I removed the PSU from the case(Corasir 900D) and plugged it into the wall and it passed the self test. Green Light.


So I install it back in the case plug everything back in, and voila we are up and running like it never happened...


Until 30 minutes ago on Wednesday night when it happened again. While playing a round of Overwatch, the PSU shut off. Red Light.


So this time tried it again, but instead of it failing the self-test in the case with all the cables unplugged, I got no light at all and just a barley audible click.


So remove it again plug it into the wall and it passes the self test.

I am typing this post from it again.


Any insight? I do not have another ATX PSU laying around to test with either... but I do have a multi meter. Forgot to add that I have been using the unit without issue with this same hardware since June 2016.

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I have a very similar issue. I have been using corsair link software to make the fan run at 100% and I never have the problem again. I was actually about to post my issue to see if its under warranty for this issue or even if it is possible to send in to pay to have it repaired.


I love corsair but honestly if I can't get this fixed I'm not buying another $350 power supply from them. I will go with a different brand that doesn't have issues.


Any mod or support want to chime in? Should I call or submit a ticket or what?



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I am also having problems with this source, it is turning off and powering the PC from scratch, and before it gets worse, I want to solve the problem.

I bought mine on 04/11/2014, I still have the invoice and, I wanted to know how many years Corsair's warranty for this source?

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I have the same problem, the power supply turns off without cause with red led on.

Sometimes I happened to turn off the computer normally (windows shut down), and the next day,

when I go to start it, starts for a moment and then turn off again with red LED and do not leave anymore,

it has to take off the main power cord wait 2 minutes and try to Turn it on again, sometimes I have to repeat this operation 3-4 times.

I opened RMA with the store where I bought it, the problem was also found by them, it was shipped to assistance a month ago.

It's really amazing, i bought a 370 € of power supply and after 4 months are without PC.

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Any resolution for this problem? I just opened the exact same thread.


My PSU worked for about 8 months without any problems and all of a sudden since this spring I've been getting random red light shutdowns.


I've literally tried everything I can think of. Did you guys buy a different PSU?

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