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CUE2 glitch after Win 10 updates

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Found some windows updates had installed today on my Win10 PC and rebooted. Another update installed after that, so I rebooted again.


After the second boot, I launched FireFox and noticed my M65 mouse was hung. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, and the hang seemed resolved.


But then i noticed all the colour was lost on my MM800 and K95 keyboard (didn't think to check the VOID USB as it was on my head). So I unplugged all Corsair devices and plugged them back in again.


Colour was restored everywhere except my K95 keyboard.


First thing I did was delete and re-import my saved profiles... no change.


Then I tried closing CUE2... and my "memory saved" profile colours lit up.


Restarted CUE2, and my keyboard colours vanished.


I looked inside CUE and noticed that each colour profile shows the highlighted keys, but the colour is not applying to the image of keyboard in the same way the keyboard itself has lost it's colour.


Obviously something has corrupted in my install... unless the Win10 update(s) installed something CUE2 is not liking.


I know it's been posted in the forums before that there are some hidden/buried directories that folks have had to blow away in order to reinstall cleanly. If someone recalls where these files are, I wouldn't mind uninstalling and reinstalling CUE2 (I see there is a new update out), but I want to clear all possible corruption out first.


current version is CUE 2.10.71


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I figured it out.


I blew away (after 7z'ing it) my AppData\Roaming\Corsair folder (under my user account) and restored the entire folder contents from my backup image.


Launched CUE2 and all my colours were present and loaded properly on my K95 as I moved through my profiles.


Daily Macrium incremental backups to the rescue!


I suspect the config.cuecfg is what had corrupted, and confirmed it after doing a winmerge compare (see attached image).


Not sure what the AboutBorderlessWindow map difference was about, but having the brightness reduced to "0" was likely the issue all along.


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