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I was cleaning my keyboard yesterday. So I took out all the keys with the key remover and I couldn't take out the spacebar. I thought it will be the same as other keyboards, but I couldn't remove it, tried everything softly and then I pulled it a bit harder and it came off, but 2 of the spikes fell off and it seems like it was impossible to take it off without breaking it for some reason. I put it back on, but it is noisy and not working 100% properly. What can I do? K70 rgb strafe mx silent.
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Is the spacebar damaged or the stabilizers? Take a picture and attach it here if you can. If it's just the space bar, we can send you a replacement.


Sorry for the late response. Here are the pictures.


Here is the stabilizer, which is not connected to the space bar anymore.


And this is the space bar. Does the stabilizer has to go through these holes from both sides? If yes, can I fix it myself by opening the keyboard?

Thanks in advance.

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