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H110i Water Leak


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I received an H110i a little over a month ago and just recently my PC has failed to start (bsod after post). I now think the cpu went bad. I checked the temp in the bios and its around 60C at idle and I thought, huh thats weird. Better RMA this watercooling.


I sent in a ticket and they asked for a number off the box and when I opened the box, I noticed this huge stain on the bottom of the cardboard and on the actual box itself. I think this is a leak from the watercooling. This now has me to believe that the closed loop actually has no water in it and my CPU must have been overheating for quite some time which eventually lead to it dying.


Am I at fault here? Am I going to have to pay for another processor? Or does Corsair handle these kinds of things well. I have a ticket in, but I am just looking for anyone's input while I wait for ticket responses.


Check out the damages. I have no idea how I even missed them. This was my first watercooling so I guess I didn't know what to even look for and I was really excited so I just kind of installed it.



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Corsair handles these things on a case by case basis, but I don't see any reason to be fearful. They are generally benevolent when it comes to warranty issues and you don't see a lot people popping up here complaining about being denied. Leaks are not very common and sadly, for every genuine mishap, someone else pours a bottle of water over their aging GPU as part of their "upgrade program".


All of the dialogue will be handled through the Support System, but if you haven't done it already, you may want to try and see what is working and what is not. Obviously, you need another cooler to start up again, but I'll be a little surprised if your CPU really did die. The system is designed to shutdown at that critical temperature. Any other leakage damage in the case? Out of curiosity, was this on the hose insertion side of the radiator or somewhere else?

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