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TWINX1024-3200C2PT Atleast one module failed Memtest


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I was experiencing some severe installation issues (blue screens) during Windows XP Professional setup. Troubleshooting eventually led me to possible memory problems. Tried running Memtest on a single module installed in my Abit IC7-G first dimm slot, it began to instanly fail every test with in the first few percent of the first pass. Dismayed I restarted checked the all the memory settings in the BIOS which were correct. Turned off my computer and switched out that module for its matched pair. Memtest has been running since then without any errors being detected on that module. So I do believe I have a flawed memory module that was somehow paired with one that works. I have a question while I await a response to this so I may begin an RMA process, Would I be able to use the working module to complete the XP installation and use the computer normally?

A prompt response would be greatly appreciated regarding this issue.

Thank you,

Michael Coughlin

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