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H100i V2 rma question

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Hi guys ive recently developped an issue with my cooler. I turned the pc on today to fund my cpu temperature rising to over 90 degrees and shutting down. After investigating the problem Ive taken the cooler out the pc and wired the pump in and im getting no noise or flow through the pipes. Im assuming the pump has failed after reading it seems a common issue with these aoi.


Now the problem is I purchased the cooler from Maplin in september 2016. Since then i moved address in janurary and cant find the receipt to hand (still in the process of unpacking). Id there anyway I can prove purchase? I rang my local Maplin but they cant go back to print me another receipt. I use my computer for work so can't really go without it too long. So im kinda stuffed.


Out of all my corsair hardware this was the least i expected to pack up after owning the older h100i with my last computer.


Any help would be appreciated.



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