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Lights stopped working whith software updates


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Hi, I received today the K70 LUX I bought. I connected to my USB 3.1 port, installed the CEU, and everything was fine and dandy. I then did a software update (which I'm not entirely sure worked, since I should have downloaded the latest version from the website anyway; and after that, it tells me that errors occurred while trying to update).


When I installed the latest firmware on the keyboard to version 2.4, though, it switched off. The typing works, but all the lights are off, except for the light level set button, which cycles between being off, dim, normal or bright when pressed.

A lot of the default lighting profiles are now gone, too. I wouldn't care much because the only thing I really wanted was to be able to lower the luminosity of my static profile. Instead I have to keep the CEU closed, and keep the keyboard at it's default settings.


I opened a ticket today, but in my experience, days can pass before someone replies.


Can you help me? Should I send my keyboard back? Can I try and revert the firmware to what came in the box?


I found the quick fix guide in this section, but all the images I found there, were for the K70 RGB, and the CEU doesn't let me install them.

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Did you enable advanced mode? If so, You will need to manually create a lighting effect for the keyboard. Switch back to standard mode and see whether the lighting returns.


If it still does not come back, 'Reset' CUE by delete the files from %Appdata%\Corsair\CUE , Do note it will remove all user created content.

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