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can't toggle macro


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Any K95 Platium user have the same problem?

no matter how sample the macro is, it just can't be automatically repeat itself

All action trigger options(on press, on release, while pressed) except "Toggle" work~


Spent hours on this problem already. so frustrating...my Logitch G700 mouse can repeat macro, G900 as well, Roccat tyon Mouse can do, My G.skill KM750 RGB keyboard can repeat macro just fine. All of them are cheaper than K95 Platium, but the most expensive one can't repeat macro...why, life, why?

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I literally just bought my K95 Plat to replace my old keyboard because I missed Corair's metal construction and the idea of having that AND my keyboard macros? Sold...


Now I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get CUE to do a stupid simple macro like "Hold W and Shift" then pushing say, G1, to turn it off again.....



Seriously Corsair? I'm losing my patience with this. Then to make it even MORE fun to try to figure this out, every time I give it a test run, the keyboard refuses to stop pressing the button and I have to force restart my computer to clear it, regardless of if I delete the macro, press W or Shift a million times, etc. It's 2017.....how have you not managed to make a simple option for holding down a key in your macro binding program?



The really really really sad thing, is googling this issue gives me search results going back to 2014 of people trying to figure out how to do this with your hardware and I have yet to see an answer in any of them. Really disappointed.

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