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CPU temp not showing (and other possible Corsair Link automatisms)


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Hi Guys,


I have a very particular request and googling did not help.


I overclocked through BCLK and consequently lost the CPU T sensor. However, HWInfo64 gives CPU Package and IA Cores readings, values in the 33-52 °C range (which seem reasonable for my setup). No other monitoring software, including Corsair Link, is able to read the temperature, so my question is whether or not these HWInfo64 readings are reliable.


The second issue is related to Corsair Link profiles. I would like them to be dependent on CPU load (or CPU temperature, if I will manage to have Corsair Link able to read it) rather than water temperature. I mean, I would like my PC to be on "silent" when in Windows and on "balanced" when in game without manually switching modes.


One more question: is it normal that Q-Fan is not able to control the water pump / fan speed? UEFI settings have no effect at all and I am obliged to use Corsair Link.


Thank you very much for any help.

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Hi Red-Ray, thanks a lot for your reply.


1. As shown in the screenshot taken after about 1,5 h of Prime95 (small FFT) I have tried Core Temp and Corsair Link. MSI Afterburner does not see the CPU temp either (it says 100 °C regardless of the actual temp). The only one that gives me a reading is HWInfo64 - 53 °C peak and 48 °C actual (please see on the bottom left corner).

Is this "CPU package" temp reliable?


2. The device is Corsair H80i. I would like to switch to "Silent" automatically when the CPU load drops to 0-10%, I don't know if it's possible...


Thank you very much for your help :)


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  1. In general Prime95 will overheat Skylake CPUs no matter what cooler you use. Use a different stress test such as the one in CPUZ or SIV.
  2. You can't control the H80iV2 from the % CPU load. I advise you to control both the fans and pump from the coolant temperature as there is no need to speed them up 'till the liquid warms up a bit.
  3. Reading the screen shot is a PITA! See http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=853900 for how to attach screen shots to a post and attach full size screen shots.
  4. What does the SIV [status] panel report before the stress test and what happens when you start it, attach two screen shots (use meaningful names).
  5. Something really strange is happening, but I need to know what the raw data in the MSRs is to stand any chance of figuring out what. If you attach SIV save files I will try and figure out what is happening, see http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=788225 for how to generate them. Ideally just press [Minimal] before pressing [start].

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  1. The SIV [status] panel is the panel you get when you press the [status] button on the initial screens you posted, but this time the initial screen was enough.
  2. The reason CL4 + HWiNFO + SIV don't report the core temperatures is that they are not enabled.
  3. Compare your system with what the usual case is.
  4. Given THERM_STATUS is disabled Core Temp has a bug as it should not report a core temperature.
  5. The 00 is the offset to TjMax and this being zero is why 100°C is reported.
  6. Both HWiNFO + SIV usually report the CPU core temperatures.
  7. I don't recall seeing this before and am wondering what has happened.
  8. The core voltages are also missing and again I have not seen this before.
  9. All the package power information is also missing and you should be seeing these as in the screen shot from another system.
  10. Have you disabled something in the BIOS?
  11. I would be inclined to reset the BIOS to default and see if they come back.
  12. On SIV initial screen top right there are MCH + PKG temperatures which HWiNFO also reports which I suspect are correct, but am not certain about this given there are no core temperatures.
  13. I am also wondering if the CPU thermal throttling is working, if not and the cooler fails then the processor could well go up in smoke.
  14. The other system also has a much later revision of the CPU uCode, A0 rather than 39. This is loaded my the BIOS and there have been several updates with new CPU uCode.
  15. Your BIOS is dated 12/11/2015 and looking at https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/MAXIMUS-VIII-HERO/HelpDesk_Download/ the latest is BIOS 3201 2017/02/17. Were it my system I would update the BIOS.


Your system:
 0000019C  00000000  08[color=hotpink][b]00[/b][/color]0000  THERM_STATUS   [_]31 RVD TjCur 100°C [Y]16 TjMax 100°C  [_]16 Readout 0 °C   [Y]27 Resolution 1°C

What it usually is:
 0000019C  00000000  88[color=hotpink][b]41[/b][/color]0000  THERM_STATUS   [Y]31 RVD TjCur  35°C [Y]16 TjMax 100°C  [Y]16 Readout 65°C   [Y]27 Resolution 1°C


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I am using the old BIOS because AFAIK it is the only way to overclock via BCLK (I have a non-K CPU).

BTW I will do the following:


1) Set the BCLK back to 100 MHz but keep the Vcore at 1,300 with LLC level 5, in order to have an estimation of the real core temperature when I overclock, based on the delta between core temp and package temp.


2) Considered that Q-Fan is useless, create a Corsair Link profile with 20% speed for water up to 34 °C, 40% between 34-37 °C and 100% over 37 °C (to be tuned depending on CPU temp and noise of course...)


3) Stop testing and restart enjoying my rig :D


Thanks for your help.

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