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memory dumps and stop errors running video games


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trying to narrow down my problem here. hope someone can help...


last week i purchased an Asus SLI motherboard with a leadtek 6600gt and chose corsair 3200 xms pro's for my memory, naturally.


after half an afternoon of child like anticipation, i assembled my computer piece by piece and everything was in working order. i opted not to over clock and have been running amds cool and quiet respectively.


due to my busy work schedule i had not the time to install or play any games or run intensive programs save for a few dvd burns here and there. i have monitored my idle temps and things look really good at 32-34c. at minimal use the computer seems to be plowing through basic applications with flying colors. however today i installed my first two games and low and behold the problems came out of the woodwork.


first installed was prince of persia 1. when the resolution changed the screen went black so naturally i assumed it needed an update, and upon reboot i downloaded the new patch specifically for the 6 series nvidia cards and tried again.


this time after some motion flickering in the CGI's and some extreme gameplay graphic lag, i got the BSOD with physical mem dumps and the "irql is equal or less than" accompanied by several 0x0c address lines. my google searches were really ambiguous and this had me a bit troubled.


since i had no other hardware to swap and test, i moved onto another more recent and nvidia friendly game.. doom3. same problem there. im getting a good bit of motion flicker, and game play lasts roughly a minute before blue screen occurs.


i checked bios memory configurations and tried both auto and manual settings, but to no avail.


i guess my question is trying to narrow down the problem between either the video card or the memory. i havent ruled out the possibility of the cpu/mb but ive been in the tech support field for a while and im pretty sure its one or the other. i just lack the resources to test out other hardware and im at a loss.


any suggestions or help would be so GREATLY appreciated.

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