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Cleaning the MM800 Polaris


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Hey all,


Love the mouse pad, it tracks so very nicely. I do have a question about cleaning. Over the course of playing it has lots of little nicks and scratches on it. I didn't know if there was a way to buff/fill these to make it look/feel like new again? I'm assuming for cleaning a water/vinegar mix will do just fine.


Any suggestions?

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nicks and scratches?! what the bottom of your mouse made out of lol. Nails?!


Use water+isoprpoal alcohol, better than vinegar and it won't leave that smell afterwards.


Using the Asus Spatha which has some metal under it so it is what it is. I was hoping I could use something to clean em up a bit. The black layer on top is just that, only on top. A little nick under it and it is no longer black. :(

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