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Corsair H100i GTX PC freezing


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Hello, recently my Corsair H100i GTX fans going crazy, sometimes is high and sometime it's low (I also hearing some noise for the case the case is also super clean).


It all started with my old GPU (Nvidia Evga 970) reached the temperature of 64C without doing anything, I went to the store and I bought a new one but perhaps the problem is with the CPU heating.


the temperature is jumping for 27c to 35c and even 37c without launching any softwares..


When I wanna watch some video on Youtube it's lagging at the begging & when I wanna use the simulator (DCS World) it freezing the PC for few seconds, I must say I never had those kind things before. I got the Corsair H100i GTX for 2.5 years, (I didn't install it, it came form the store) It could be a thermal paste?


and if it is what kind of thermal paste I should buy? I never did those things before by myself..


Here's a picture




and here's my full PC


I7 5930K (not overclock)


Gigabyte Gaming 5 X99 (with the latest Bios no'23)


32GB DDR4 3000Mhz


Samsung 840 Evo 1TB




Crosair 750W


Windows 10 pro 64 (fully updated)



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All the way to 37C, huh? You certainly may have some sort of issue, but it is probably not the cooling. For the CPU temperature to affect system performance in the short term, you need to get into the 90-100C area where the 5930K will begin to "throttle" by turning its cores off selectively to try and reduce heat. If that is not effective, it will ultimately shutdown, usually with a thermal sensor warning. There is nothing in your information to suggest you are anywhere near that level and a stock settings with a H110 GTX (now the H115i), you should probably top out at 50C core temperatures when maximally loaded.


Certainly something is not running smoothly, but it can be difficult to isolate what that may be. It's fairly normal for Windows 10 to run background tasks when you are not. In fact, it often specifically starts when it thinks you are idle. Still, the other issues suggest something else is complicating your operation. Open up your task manager and see just how much resources are being consumed. The graph page should give you a tip-off as to any escalating memory or CPU usage, and then you can sort the Processes columns by usage to see if something is not using it's fair share. Unfortunately, the first thing that comes to mind is malware, so look for things you don't recognize.


There are other possibilities, including memory errors, but it would be better to start with the above and I am assuming your have not made any other hardware changes recently and have been running those 32GB at 3000 for some time. These kinds of things can be quite tedious and I don't know if it is something we can completely solve here.


At 2.5 years in the box, I might be inclined to wipe the old TIM and use new. If it were a current issue, your CPU temps would be rather jumpy, bordering on erratic or random. However, it would not explain the sluggish performance, just the strange temperature behavior. There are lots of choices and I would suggest something that is easy to use and non-metallic. Noctua NT-H1 fits the bill, but there are certainly many others and availability is likely more meaningful than a specific brand for your set-up.

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Changing the TIM may be a prudent step regardless, but it would be a miracle if it solves this issue. In your screen shot, your CPU core temps suggest you are at idle but Link is indicating a 26% load. Now, that could be just a frozen moment in time and it was nothing more than the program capturing the screen, but I'm on the same CPU and not too many things garner 26% usage. Keep an eye on what is using your CPU power. Everything you are describing sounds like another program(s) using up a lot of CPU power, deliberate or not.
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