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Profiles changing randomly?

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No, it should not happen unless you change the windows focus to a program that is linked to a profile. Do you know whether the profiles it is switching to has a program linked to it?


To be honest I am not sure what you are saying. I have no programs linked to CUE 2 or any of the profiles. I had no idea you could link profiles to a program. I checked the profiles that I use and the ones that are being switched to and there are no macros or anything other than lighting effects.


I had thought I was hitting a macro that switched profiles or hitting a button that switched profiles in CUE 2 but I do not see the option for either of these things in CUE 2. I am at a loss, since my original posting it has only happened maybe two more times. Had no issues all day yesterday. I guess I will have to see if it happens again and see when it happens and what I was doing at the time.

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I am just sitting here watching some streams on twitch and every so often my profile changes. Is this typical for CUE2? I never had this happen before. Am I hitting a button or a series of buttons by accident?


I think i have noticed this with the latest up date. Was not doing it before.

I have to check tonight again

I have two profiles next to each other, which i use.:D:

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Have you examined every case shown below?

  1. Profiles associated with programs cause profile switching
  2. Pressing button or key where CUE profile has a PROFILE SWITCHING action; note that such actions can be called as secondary effects of MACRO, TEXT, and TIMER actions.
  3. Bringing CUE to the foreground and selecting another profile
  4. Using CUE to preview a RGB Share profile
  5. If CUE's "Enable SDK" check box is enabled in Global Settings, and a program uses the SDK, then the lighting pattern may look as if a profile were switched, if a program is actively using the SDK interface.

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