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VOID usb and Overmodulation.


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Is it possible for corsair to lower the amplification a bit ?


Because as it is now, Way to many audio pieces just sound awfully overmodulated by way to high levels when at the same time the volume is way low, say 10 or less out of a 100%.


Still audio sounds distorted way to many times, lowering the input sensitivity or creating less boost would be much nicer.


The way it is now is not worthy to be called audio mostly.


When many too loud recordings become distorted on the void but not on other outputs it seems a void problem to me. Too sensitive on the inputs, not much volume needed on the output either.... why have a 100% range when 20% is allready too loud.


Quality would be better with lower levels and a truelly usable 100% volume range without damaging eardrums with distortion.


my ears thank you in advance.

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