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Air 240 precise dimensions, and space recommendations, please!


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I'm building a custom desk and am wondering if the Corsair air 240 will fit, on its side, in a 13.5 by 13.5 inch shelf space that is up to 24 inches in depth. I ask because everywhere I see the specs, it reporths the height as the longest measurement (15.6" x 10.2" x 12.6" (397 x 260 x 320 mm) H x W x D). Looking at images, it appears to be longest in depth or length, but perhaps it's not. Can anyone remedy?


Also, any advice on turning it on its side or comparing it to 250D or other mini cases that would fit that space would be great. And when is the next line up of cases coming???


Appreciate it!

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Yes, we get into this quandary all the time since there is no universal standard for length/width/depth/height and how dimensions are listed is often geographic and/or cultural. The 240 is definitely longest from front panel to back I/O panel (15.6"). Based on the picture below, the case is thinner from glass panel to PSU side door (10.2") than it is in "height" from top to bottom in the standard position (12.6").




The other variable is the rubber feet. I do not believe those are accounted for in the measurements. You will need something to keep the PSU door side a little off the shelf so the PSU fan has some air supply. I don't have the case, but perhaps someone else can give you an exact thickness on them. It looks like it should work for your space.


You might also skim this page for a thermal comparison between the 250D and 240 Air.

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