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H100i V2 and commander mini not showing info.


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yesterday i did an upgrade to my pc, i bought the corsair h100i V2 cooler and the corsair commander mini fan controller.


however when i install everything and boot my pc al my fans are showing 0 rmp, if they are even showing, half the time that i boot the pc there is only 1 fan, or no fans, or all fans...


i tried a lot of things, but the only moment that something is working is when i disconnect the commander mini and only connect the h100i v2 (connect as told by the manual).

when only the h100i V2 is installed i can control i(change the fan speed, change led color, check the temps)

but when i connect the commander mini, everything stops...




from the h100i V2 i went with the link cable to a usb header, 1 cable goes to the cpu fan on my motherboard and the last cable goes to the 2 radiator fans.


the commander mini has 1 cable connected to another usb header and 1 cable to a sata power cable.


so what did i do wrong? is the commander mini broken?


thanks in advance

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