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Corsair M60 wheel scroll issues, compared to M65 Pro RGB


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So here is my question. I actually have a Corsair M60 (since more than 4years now) which works perfectly, but I have one problem, the wheel scroll doesn't work correctly anymore. My problem is when I scroll down it works perfectly, but when I scroll up, it keeps going down. I can't scroll up...


I'm planning on buying a Corsair M65 Pro RGB, did they fix that issue? That a lot of people experienced with the M60.


One more question, what is the difference between the Corsair M65 (normal edition, with the old design) and the Corsair M65 Pro RGB.


Thank you for all the answers!



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I would get the M65 Pro RGB because it has an updated sensor that has surface calibration. There is also no scroll wheel issue that we are aware for the M65 Pro RGB



Thank you for the reply, I have one more question, is the Corsair M65 Pro RGB working perfectly on USB 3.0 ports ? Because I had a lot of issues with my M60 with those type of ports, and I had to put the mouse on 2.0 ports...


Thank you.

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Not really.


I bought a m65 RGB Pro less than a month ago. The left click started double clicking randomly after 5-6 days. Luckily, I bought it locally and was able to return it for another one. It's been fine for a couple of weeks but now the scroll issue started popping up about a week ago. It was very seldom at first but now it's almost every time I use the scroll wheel. I just forced an update on the mouse from CUE and it's a little better but not completely gone. I'll keep an eye on it for a couple of days to see if I need to replace this mouse again.

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Yes. This ain't my first rodeo. It's the damn mouse. The scroll wheel is unuseable now and I switched back to my old logitech g502 with broken wheel button. At least the scroll wheel works. I'm going to return the m65 and get a new g502.


I wanted to like this but 2 m65's and both failed in less than 30 days.


I have a K95 keyboard and a few LEDs went out after a couple of months. At least the keyboard functions as it should and I'm not a 14 yr old kid so LEDs don't really bother me.

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