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Buy New PSU vs Keep the Old PSU?


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I bought this PSU (Corsair 1000HX) in Dec 2009. About 8 years old.




I have no issues with it yet, still going strong. But in 2015/2016 I upgraded FROM a i7-930 cpu, x58 mb, 2 480s SC, and 16gb DDR3 ram to i7-5930k cpu, x99 mb, 2 980s classifieds, 32gb DDR4 ram. I am wondering should I replace the PSU? Is there a need, unless it not working right? Will I benefit from a new PSU?





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Dont do that. Its 7 year certified PSU means it will run for another 2 years fine


Did you checked with Digital meter. I had the same issue psu board was saying 11.3v but DM says 12.1v


So software or PC monitor always wrong.


if you have already got it i have nothing to say. but you can check with meter If it still good. Try to sell it of at good price. that is only option for now.

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