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Corsair CX 750M burn


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I own a system with an evga x79 sli, a sapphire fury nitro and a Corsair CX 750M power supply. It works great, even if my graphic cards have noisy coil whine that disapears if i use a higher end power supply (i try it once).


I bought this power supply on ebay, but the french seller claim it has been never used. The psu carton was seal with plastic film so the box was never open, the power supply looks indeed fully new.


I use it for the past 2 month. Yesterday, the computer suddently stop when i was playing, and less than 2 sec after i hear a noisy "poc" sound, and it quickly smell the burn. A strange thing, it shut down the power in my house, but i realized the Differential Circuit Breaker was still on. The fuse of my room, and one another room in the house, was burn. I put the Differential to off, change the fuses and set back to on, and it work. I reassemble a new power supply and thank god i have no components burn in my pc.


Do you think i still can get a RMA for my power supply ? Do you think it come from the power supply or from an overvoltage of my electricity network ?

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