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Yes. But not necessary scrolling. And it would be nice to customize the text. I assume that can't be done without building it key by key?


Yea, no you can't do it that easily, I have a couple animation templates I plan on releasing tho.

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I would like to have static colored text on my Strafe RGB.

Are there any existing tools/profiles for that?


I load a picture of the keyboard into a paint program (e.g.GIMP) and put text over it, to determine which keys to color using CUE. This works for pictures too. LED fonts provide inspiration for legibility at the low resolution of the keyboard. Using different layers, I can move around the letters to find a good fit, and it helps to figure out which keyboard lights to illuminate.


Maybe somebody else in the forum has some script that would take an input picture and show how best to reproduce it (antialiasing, averaging, etc.), as there is at least one program shown in a different thread that uses the SDK to make the keyboard light up to represent the entire display screen.


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