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Case for atleast 16 hard drives


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I'm a stick it to one brand kind of guy as much as possible. Im planning on upgrading my home NAS' case and was wondering what corsair case can accomodate 16 hard drives (if I stack their hard drive cages, I have xtra and would buy extras).


I kind of wish and waiting for a corsair case that have solely 5.25 spaces infront so I can pack it with SATA drive cages. Ive been looking at their case but wondering if there is case where the 5.25" can be removed so I can stack drive cages from top to bottom, and another one on it's side.


On their 330R, is the 5.25" cage removal so I can stack 2 more of their 4x3.5" drive cages?


On their 750D, I have a videocard less system, how many of their 3x.35" drive cages can I stack inside?


I know 900D is my last option but I'm trying not to spend $300+ for a NAS case

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From memory, you can fit 4 cages into the 750D, you can either stack them or place them side by side, so you should be able to do both, which will give you 12 drives, you can then get a 4 into 3 HDD holder which will fit 4 HDDs into 3 x 5.25 bays. Search for Icy Dock Vortex MB074SP-1B 4-in-3 3.5 inch SATA Hard Drive - Black . You can also instal 3 x SSD drives on the back of the motherboard tray.


With the 900D you should ba able to install 3 cages in the bottom and 2 in the front (15 drives) plus use the 5.25 bays either as suggested above or just by using internal convertors. It's a real shame that Corsair didn't fit the SSD drive brackets as per the 750D.

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