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Memory Failure and lots of issues..


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I recently (45 days ago) bought 1 Corsair DDR-PC3200 CAS3 512 Meg stick ( i had 1 stick of mushkin 512 meg PC-3200 DDR in there as well)From a local retailer . After about 2 weeks it started showing issues ..like i would be installing a program or game and it would give a error message or have a completel failure now it would only do this when i INSTALLED something .. Then a week later it started doing it on things already installed like games , programs and even viewing dvd's . So i check to make sure my anti-virus software was up to date and it was .. i made sure no programs where at fault for the the issue by going over all of them and updating as so. Then it got so bad i couldn't even boot into windows ..so i diecided a fresh install might fix it . So i did a fresh install ..while windows was installing it gave a installation error and crashed .. so i tried once more ... then a friend of mine told me it could be bad memory he had run into this issue before and has the same problems . So i download memtest86 ..ran a all the tests i could for 24 hours ..and ended up with thousands of errors .. so he told me to take out one stick of ram and test it and then repeat for the other. I did and after 24 hours the muskin gave no errors .. so i diecided to do the corsair again ..and it gave thousands of errors . So i left out the corsair and installed windows ..and it runs fine now no errors at all. Here are my system specs


Asus K8N-E Delux (latest BIOS updated)

AMD 64-bit 3200+ Socket 754

BFG Geforce 6800 (latest Drivers Updated)

380 watt Antec PSU

1 200 gig Western Digital IDE 7200 Rpm drive.


So how do i go about getting a new one? :)


Thanks for Listening.

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