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CUE makes features of my Void wired headset not work

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Just received my Corsair Wired Void headset today and it's been nothing but 2 hours of headache since. The headset works great if I just plug it in without CUE running (aside from Windows not recognizing it as a 7.1 Dolby headset). The mute button works, the default colors cycle and pulse, and the headset beeps as it should when the mute button is turned on or off. As soon as I start using CUE everything falls apart. I'm able to customize the colors and audio equalizer, but CUE completely disables the mute button. It will work on the first push (without the beeping feedback) and only the first push. After that the headset stays muted and the button does absolutely nothing. The ONLY feature that works with CUE running is the volume adjuster. I've tried installing older versions of CUE, completely wiping the install and using CCleaner, I've deleted all my profiles (I also have a Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard), and switched USB ports. Nothing seems to work. CUE seems to be absolutely abysmal software, and now that the headset is linked up with CUE alongside the keyboard, my keyboard won't work right either. Importing any color profiles completely freezes the software. Is there something I'm missing or is this software just complete garbage? I'm about to return this headset and never deal with Corsair peripherals again. Why does a headset I paid a lot of money for work better plugged in directly out of the package then it does with software designed for it? If I don't use CUE I essentially have a stock stereo headset with no 7.1 and a plain mechanical keyboard that is locked on the color red.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

(I'm running Windows 7)

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