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Cue no longer working after linux tryout.


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I tested ubuntu Linux, ran it of the bootable usb stick it was on.

All good, I turn it off, go back to windows 10 and apparently the cue software no longer works at all, it runs in background, but i can't access it.


No longer does it activate keybord colorscheme either.


I mean, WTH is going on? This can't just happen from running Linux unless someone is screwing with the usb standards. Would not surprise me yet again judging by all the Cue and USB problems.

Maybe Ubuntu messed up the firmwares of my corsair void AND rapidfire k70 ?


I am curious how corsair is going to explain this, and even more how it is going to be fixed .


i allready did try a few things to no avail and i fear the firmware's may have been corrupted by running ubuntu from a USB stick.....


when i can't access Cue software, for some obscure reason it doesn't seem to notice any corsair products hooked up, i can't reflash firmwares myself either.




edit: UGH, nevermind, after waiting for a long time , i closed Cue again, and reopened it, several times, until it suddenly came back up and recognized both Void usb and K70 rapidfire anew. This is some strange stuff going on.

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