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RM1000i/EVGA Gtx 1070 ftw SLI power cables


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Hey guys, I have 2 x EVGA FTW 1070's which each require 2x 6+2 cables. I'm using a RM1000i to power the cards along with cablemod cables for power. When using 4x separate 6+2 cables (2 per card) my pc won't post. The PSU turns on the quickly shuts off. When using a single cable that splits into 2 6+2 cables everything works fine. I'm guessing the PSU thinks I'm pulling too much power?


I've verified the cable mod cables work fine by swapping them using only one gpu. The only reason I'm wanting to use 4x 6+2 cables as opposed to the 2x dual 6+2 cables is for a cleaner look. Am I reaching too far by wanting that? Looking forward to any suggestions. Thanks.

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I believe the 1070 rated power is not more than 200watts. So even if you overclock the pc to say 5ghz the cpu and board consumption may not exceed 300watts and each card max 240watts so 480watts that to not on boot. Idle or boot should be less than 120watts.


So 500-600 watts is max usage and peak load can be 750watts


So you should be fine.


If it is shutting off . Then do remove the side panel. You may be shorting some cables or hard pressing the cables.


Remove the cable modes and use the orginal cables.


Also Did the cards have enough room to breath and what kind of bridge cable are you using.


Hope its a hybrid cable then let see to that.


Now do this


Remove the right side panel.


Disconnect all except the cpu , motherboard , ssd/hdd and 1gpu say first one close to cpu


If the post works fine . Now remove this gpu and connect the 2nd if it post fine


Now connect both gpu's .


Ensure you dont use all 4 cables. Try 1 cables for each gpu.


it will have a right power delivery just to see if it works


If the 2 cables setup works then try some benchmark.


As Loading all the rail is though doeable but better we try different way to see what is causing the psu to shutdown.


Now connect the

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