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K95 Platinum - How am I suppose to save a profile I downloaded onto my keyboard?


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I feel like a complete idiot because I can't figure this out. When you first run CUE you have Default 1, 2 and 3 which saves in your keyboard. I downloaded a few custom profiles from CUE and I can't figure out how you save those custom profiles onto my keyboard. Here is me trying to figure it out but I can't and I'm probably missing something super obvious. But it would be great if someone could help me figure this out.





I want to make warcraft default 2 and enterprise default 3, the first default profile I just copied the design from another profile and did it myself. Unless with these profiles saved onto your keyboard you have to make them yourself which would be kind of dumb, but if I have to I will. When I look at the hardware profiles it shows a button that says "save profile to device" the keyboard, but when I look at the custom profiles that button doesn't exist.

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